Puls Oximeter, Weiss/Limette

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  • Compact design, lightweight for convenient to carry
  • Display Screen: 1.1" color OLED display, resolution: 96*64
  • SpO2:
    • Measurement range: 70~99%
    • Resolution: 1%
    • Accuracy: +/- 2% (70%~99% ), unspecified <70%
  • Pulse rate: 
    • Measurement range: 30~240bpm
    • Resolution: 1bpm
    • Accuracy: +/- 2bpm or +/- 2% (select larger)
  • Power consumption: <=30mA
  • Working voltage: DC 3V
  • Battery life: about 20 hours
  • Low voltage indicator
  • Measurement principle of the oximeter: An experience formula of data process is established by exerting Lambert Beer Law according to Spectrum Absorption Characteristics of Reductive hemoglobin (R Hb) and oxyhemoglobin (O2 Hb) in glow and near-infrared zones; Operation principle of the instrument is to combine Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin /inspection Technology with Capacity Pulse Scanning and Recording Technology, so that two lights with different wavelength (660nm glow and 940nm near infrared light) can be focused onto human nail through perspective clamp finger-type sensor. Then measured signal can be obtained by a photosensitive element, information acquired through which will be shown on two groups of LEDs through process in electronic circuits and microprocessor
  • Automatically power off in 8 seconds when there is no signal
  • Can be used in hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare, etc.
  • Suitable for heart disease patient, The patient with hypertension, diabetes mellitus patient, especially the old man, pregnant woman, professional athlete etc.
  • Comes with English/Chinese user manual and 37cm lanyard
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