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Hare-Traction Splint

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59,00 EUR
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Effectively realigns a fractured femur to its proper position, reducing pain and restoring perfusion to an injured leg. Inhibits further hemorrhage and additional nerve, vascular, bone and muscle damage. One-piece design makes application fast, easy and complete in minutes.  

Enhanced Features for Greater Useability
  • Larger traction knob for better grip and control
  • One-handed traction adjustment
  • Recessed traction release button
  • Positive locking heel stand
  • Faster length adjustment,
    collets lock with few quick turns
  • Labelled to avoid applying the wrong size

Comes with ratchet traction device and "S" ring hook, heel stand and locking release button, collet locking device, four leg-support straps, Ischial strap and pad, Dyna Med® adjustable ankle strap and nylon case

Condition: Used/complete