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IV Bandoleer, Molle II

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The IV Bandoleer is designed to carry up to 3 liters of IV fluids.

It can be carried externally with the attached sling. Velcro tabs hold the IV bags in place.

Internally, the Bandoleer snaps inside the Medical Bag, so that the IV bags are held securely next to the wearer's back. This has a number of advantages:

  • The heaviest weight in the bag (water in the IV bags) is closest to the wearer, improving load-carrying ability.

  • Snapped in place, the heavy IV bags will not shift, improving mobility.

  • In cold-weather operations, the wearer's body heat helps protect the IV solutions from freezing.

  • Bandoleer, Intravenous, 12-1/4" x 13-3/4", Woodland Camo Fabric Pack

  • Weight: 

    0.45 pounds, empty. 

    7.65 pounds fully loaded.

  • Colour: US Woodland

  • NSN: 6532-01-467-4990